No black soled shoes unless they are boating shoes. Running shoes, sneakers, hiking boots and many sandals with soft, black soles often leave hard to remove black marks on the deck. If you forget you'll have to go barefoot.
Bring appropriate gear for going on the water. We recommend bringing a lightweight jacket and/or sweater and a pair of long pants. A hat and sun block are strongly recommended. Many people bring swim attire in order to sunbath. No tanning oil is allowed as it makes the deck slippery. Non greasy lotion with an SPF of at least 15 is best. 


It can get cold on the water- dress for it!

Eye patches are always vogue on sailing vessels.

No work in the engine room with those white pants on.

Swimsuits come in handy. Bosun's chair and boat provided.

Have a sailor outfit that you've been itching to wear?