Gotham Yacht Club (Gothamyacht.com) is a new, Manhattan, New York based sailing yacht club with a novel approach. It helps organize great sailors and special people for free exquisite yacht events

            It started when a small group of friends realized that they wanted to sail their new sloop with twenty to fifty revelers, crew and crew in training. That number never seemed hard to fill until they realized they wanted to do it fifty times a year. Thatís one to two and a half thousand people a year, not counting for repeats. To see how other yacht owners filled their craft they watched boat marinas on the weekend. They watched, and waited, and watched. What they learned is that people rarely use their boats. They run out of people. The salesman never mentions this problem.

           And so the Gotham Yacht Club was born. We've put together dozens of excellent sailing trips since inception in spring of 2006.

            We offer something for everyone. We provide sailors a place to hone their skills and sunbathers a place to escape the summer city grime without going to the Hamptons.


            We’re not a charter service and don’t accept money or consideration of any kind for these trips.

            We are very exclusive though so if you’re a good sailor or special person we’d love to hear from you. Most of our members are very educated, young and together.     

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